Thoughtful Words

Why I Don’t Read Women’s Magazines


I have not touched a magazine geared towards deflating women in quite some time. Although, there was a time when I was obsessed with them. I think it started with J-14 and TigerBeat magazines, then I moved on to Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Mademoiselle, and then Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, and the worst of them all… Cosmopolitan.

Flipping through these magazines we come across many women… emaciated, unrealistic, photo-shopped women. I remember wanting to look like them and thinking I wasn’t enough because I didn’t look like them… I later realized that the women in those magazines don’t even look like the women in those magazines.

I already had self-worth issues and these magazine issues were giving me even more… issues. How to get a boy… How to lose 10 pounds… If you don’t lose the 10 pounds, you won’t get the boy. Flip the page and there’s a recipe for chocolate cake.

10 tips to please him better in bed. 5 ways to blow his mind between the sheets. How to be the best he’s ever had.  Most of these “sex tips” are aimed towards pleasing the man. By the way, most of the “sex tips” in men’s magazines are NOT aimed towards pleasing the woman. These magazines are blatantly screaming “Men are the only ones who deserve pleasure!”

The fashion magazines encourage you to spend money on things you don’t need. Scanning through the pictures of beautiful clothes and shoes, I would find myself inspired to buy and buy and buy. Or depressed if I knew I couldn’t afford that $80 dress listed in the “hottest fashion items for $100 or less” article.

As I became wiser, more mature, and more self-aware, I soon realized how effed up these magazines’ messages were. And I wasn’t going to give one single penny more to them. I know that those objectifying magazines are a trigger for me. Reading one would quickly send me into a shame spiral, so I don’t even go there.

Instead of subjecting myself to self-degradation by flipping through one of those erroneous publications, I much rather find a cozy corner in a bookstore and read a book to get lost in a story or beneficially learn something or research new places for future adventures.


I have discovered two magazines that are worthy of attention – Holl and Lane and Bella Grace. They contain beautiful pictures and stories of triumph, heartache, self-discovery, and real life magic (not the magic of Photoshop). These magazines embrace realness, messiness, and everyday moments.



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