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5 Reasons to Keep Your Kids Indoors

If you allow your children to go outside, they might build confidence. Encouraging your children to explore outside and be adventurous is a sure way to build their confidence in their abilities. Being in nature challenges kids (and adults!) to get out of their norm and use their bodies and minds, which are great confidence builders.


Your kid may use his/her brain. Allowing your kids to sit in front of a screen for hours on end is like bubble gum for the brain. Getting them outside forces them to use their brains the way they were meant to be used. Being outside ensures they will get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, which also improves brain function.

Your little wild one could end up being more independent. Being in nature allows kids to rely on their senses, test their boundaries, develop resilience, and cultivate a sense of self. Let them run wild and explore, and they’re bound to rely on themselves instead of you more.


Their imagination may explode. Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”. Our sense of imagination tends to decrease, maybe even completely disappear, as we enter adulthood. By encouraging and allowing our kids to play outside, we can nurture and preserve their sense of imagination. Curiosity, creativity, and imagination all go hand in hand, and nature’s playground is the best place to find inspiration. “I wonder if I can build a fort out of these branches”… Let them find out.


Your child could receive a clean bill of health. Childhood obesity is a real and serious epidemic. Our children spend less time outdoors than any other generation, which has contributed to this unhealthy lifestyle. Obese children are likely to be obese adults. In an effort to combat that risk, encourage them to get outside and move their body – jump, run, skip, climb, swim, MOVE!

Doesn’t all of that sound terrible? We must keep our kids indoors! We wouldn’t want healthy, creative, independent, intelligent, confident children, would we?

All joking aside… our kids (and their parents) are in serious need of some Vitamin N. Nature does wonders for kids and adults.

Kids will never remember their best day of watching TV, but they will remember (and thank you for) their wondrous and adventurous experiences outside.




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