Adventuring: A Big Surprise

A few days before Christmas, I drove to the airport with my boyfriend, having no idea where we were going. He was surprising me with a getaway.


I followed Tim through security, handing the TSA officer my ID and boarding pass, without looking at it, and handed it right back to Tim. We had dinner, and then sat down at a gate with a destination of Detroit…   “Are we going to Detroit?” I asked. He replied with a smug “Maybe”.

We eventually moved to another seating area that was in a central location to other surrounding gates, so I couldn’t tell which was ours. Finally, we boarded a plane that was headed to Atlanta. Since Atlanta is a big hub, I was thinking we had a layover there.

After arriving in Atlanta, I headed to the bathroom, but Tim told me to hurry because we didn’t have a lot of time. I instantly knew that we were going to be boarding another plane.

I followed him through the airport, but he made a turn to go downstairs to baggage claim. Ok, so maybe we are staying in Atlanta, I thought.

We got a rental car and started driving… As soon as we got on a certain road, I knew exactly where we were headed – Blue Ridge! He rented a beautiful, cozy cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for the weekend.


And then I had one more surprise… my parents booked us a full day guided fly fishing trip!

We got up early the next day, met our fun and patient guide, put on waders, and got in the freezing water with our rods. With completely numb feet, we managed to each catch a few rainbow trout. Although we didn’t catch many fish (the guide blamed it on the moon phase and air pressure), we had a wonderful time making new memories and learning new skills.

We spent the next morning hiking, and then explored a quaint little bookstore before heading to an early dinner – we had to be up early to fly home the next morning.



The surprise element of this trip was so fun and nothing I had ever experienced before. I was like a little kid – filled with excitement and having no idea where we were going! I’m the luckiest woman in the world, I tell ya…



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