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Pros and Cons of Frequent Travel

There are pros and cons to everything essentially, and everyone’s pro and con list will be a bit different. Sometimes we decide to go after things even if the “con” list is bigger than the “pro” list, depending on how bad we want it. Traveling comes with it’s own list.

Let’s start with the wonderful things, shall we?


Add to your memory bank  There’s no doubt experiencing new things go hand in hand with making memories. Collecting memories is what life is all about, and one of the best ways to go about this is to travel.

Meet new people  I’ve met some pretty awesome people during my travels. Great conversations are had between like-minded people who are out there living it up and traveling their heart out… nomads, hikers, adventurers – they’re all amazing.

Your values change for the better  The more you travel, the more you realize what the important things in life are. You learn to value experience over “things”. You become more open-minded and understand that there is so much out there beyond the little world that you live in.

Learn to wing it  Sometimes things happen that are out of your control and while away from the comforts of your life back home, you have to learn to make the best of it. You learn to let go of inconveniences that come up and just wing it.


Sometimes you’ll be homesick  Being away from your loved ones and domestic comforts can make you feel nostalgic. At times, you might wish that your loved ones were there with you sharing your experience. Remaining in contact with your family and friends as frequently as you can during your travels will help alleviate those feelings.

It can be expensive  Traveling can be done cheaply, but it still is an expense. If traveling is a priority of yours, there are many ways to cut back on every day expenses in order to help fund your travels. I’ll write a post about this soon.

Fitting everything else in   Work, school, and other commitments are major priorities in our lives; but with frequent travel, it can be challenging to fit it all in. I’m a full-time student and take online classes… When I travel, I often do schoolwork on the plane or during any other down time I have. I once got home at 3am after taking a redeye flight and had to immediately log on to my computer at home and take a final exam.

You’ll want more   Travel is addicting. Once you start, you’ll want to go and go and go. You’ll dream about it and you’ll always be planning. You’ll put other things aside so you can travel and if you’re not careful, it can consume you. Wanting more positive, enriching experiences isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you don’t put other goals and priorities on the back burner.

Mishaps will happen   Things won’t always go according to plan… it could be smaller snafus like flights being late or incurring an extra, unplanned expense or not getting any sleep because of a noisy hostel room. Then there’s the possibility of bigger issues like getting lost on a trail or getting injured or being the victim of a pickpocket. Things happen and you have to just learn to make the best of your unfortunate situation.


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