Thoughtful Words

Bucket List

My bucket list looks something like this:


Buckets lists can contain a wide variety of things – dreams, aspirations, destinations… Goals you want to achieve, places you want to visit, activities you want to do – all before you kick the bucket.

I really can’t pinpoint a solid list, as it’s ever-changing and quickly growing. I just want to experience everything I possibly can in this lifetime.

When I leave this planet, I want to have done everything I could have possibly done, to the fullest – experiencing, loving, learning, striving, inspiring, living. Even if some (or most) of those experiences encompass failures.

Things that are not on my bucket list: obtaining as much “stuff” as possible, making sure everyone likes me, having perfect eyebrows, and winning the contest for watching the most hours of TV.

Whatever your bucket list contains, I hope you’re striving like hell every day to be closer to achieving something on that list. Be proactive in your life. Create your life, don’t just sit around and watch it go by or wait for someone to motivate you. You are in charge. Be the author and the editor of your list, but also be the fulfiller.






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