Music: Favorites of the Week

I’ve discovered a few new songs this week that I can’t stop listening to:

The Lotto – AJR and Ingrid Michaelson   I first heard this cute little tune at the concert I went to at The Ryman in Nashville. The lyrics are adorable and you can’t help by sing along.

Colors – Amos Lee  This is not a new song, but it’s been one of my favorites for a while and I recently just started listening to Amos again, and am going to see him in concert in March!

Meteorites – Lights    I love the lyrics and her sweet, flowing voice. This whole album, Midnight Machines, is amazing.

Take the World by Storm – Lukas Graham   These lyrics have my name written all over them! This is exactly my life’s mission: take the world by storm.

Sleep on the Floor – The Lumineers   This song brings back a vivid memory for me: Driving in the mountains of Utah with my boyfriend sleeping right next to me in the passenger’s seat, with this song playing.  I loved that moment and I love this song.


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