Adventuring: We Opted Out

On Thanksgiving morning, Morgan and I ran in our local Thanksgiving 5k, for the 4th year in a row – a tradition she and I both look forward to. We had a wonderful day playing in the backyard at my parents house and had a yummy and healthy meal together.


Last year, REI started an initiative to get more people outside and less people in the malls on Black Friday – a less traditional (but way more fun) way to spend Black Friday. Last year and this year, we did exactly what REI encouraged – we got outside.

Over Black Friday weekend, my babies went to their dads’ for the weekend and my mom, dad, and boyfriend went camping!

While most of America was waking up at ungodly hours to fight crowds and dish out money on items that probably aren’t even necessary, we were cozied up in our tents, having meaningful conversations around a campfire, swinging in hammocks, hiking and exploring caves, and eating grilled ribeyes by lantern-light.




This was our second year of opting outside on Black Friday and we’re not looking back – a lovely new holiday tradition.

On a side note, it took me 3 hair washes to get the campfire smell out of my hair – you know it was a good weekend when it takes multiple washes to rid your hair of that wonderful scent.


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