Music: Currently Listening To

I have a serious love of music. I listen to it all day and can’t get enough of discovering new artists – there is so much talent in this world and it saddens me that I will never get to discover it all. I love to go on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and even Instagram to find new music. I’m starting a new Music series on my blog, because it is something I have great interest in and I want to share with you the artists I love.

I’ve compiled a list of what I’m currently listening to – although this is an ever-changing list:

  1. Joseph – I Don’t Mind   This harmonic sister trio gives me goosebumps. Their voices are so smooth, sweet, and powerful, especially together. I was a big fan of them when I discovered their Honest video on YouTube last year, but then I got to see them in concert with James Bay (and got to meet them!) and became an even bigger fan of theirs.
  2. Castro – Good for You   Another family band with one of its members, Jason Castro, being an American Idol alum. Their harmonies blend so beautifully, and their lyrics are fun and relateable.
  3. The Roosevelts – This is Life  This band is a little bit rock, indie, and maybe a hint of country. I love this song because it’s about traveling. All the songs on their album The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn are awesome.
  4. Goody Grace – Two Shots  You can’t help but nod along to this song – it’s so catchy and a good riding in the car song. I can’t find many songs by Goody Grace, but the ones I did find are all very good. I was going to see him in concert with Gnash, but that show got cancelled (big sad face).
  5. Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat This duo is incredible! I saw them at Rams Head Live in Baltimore not too long ago. They are quirky and mega talented! Their whole self-titled album is brilliant – their lyrics and beats are addictive.



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