Thoughtful Words

Sway vs. Balance

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly trying to find “balance” in your life? Balancing home, work, family, yourself, and everything else just perfectly so. Trying to dish out perfect proportions of everything all at the same time, often in a frenzy trying to get everything done. Or something doesn’t go according to plan and throws everything off balance. I feel like I’m always on a never-ending quest to find that perfect balance, and it’s tiring. I juggle a lot, just as everyone else does, and successfully balancing it all just never happens. As soon as I think I have all my shit together, something goes off kilter and I’m right back to being an amateur juggler, trying to find that steadiness.

I’m pretty sick of spending all my time attempting to balance. So, I’m going to try something else, because this balance thing causes me great anxiety. Instead of seeking balance, I’m going to embrace my disheveled unevenness and SWAY.

Sway from one thing to the next, without worrying if it’s balanced. Seeking a perfectly balanced life is just another way we are hard on ourselves (man, we’re good at that!). The whole balance thing is completely unattainable anyway – it’s right up there with the SuperMom illusion.

We should be kind to ourselves by completely trusting that we are doing our best each and every day, even on our bad days – and by kindly trusting ourselves, we can let the sway happen. We can concentrate on what needs our attention (including ourselves), since we are just swaying, instead of fighting against ourselves in pursuit of the perfect balance.

When something doesn’t go as we felt it should have, we can sway in the direction it did go and that will help us let go of what should have been.  Think of it this way… A tree doesn’t fight the wind and worry if it’s lopsided – it just sways, completely trusting itself to go in one direction and the next without concern over evenness.

Swaying seems to be less anxiety-ridden and more realistic. Our lives are constantly changing from one moment to the next, and we can sway into each moment with a sense of calming acceptance because we are not worried about something being imbalanced.

I know what my priorities are, and everything else that I have to handle and deal with will just have to sway its way into my life. If I find myself filled with anxiety and in a frenzy over attempting to balancing everything, I will kindly remind myself to slow down and just sway.


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