Adventuring: Nashville

My mother, daughter, and I went to Nashville for a girls’ weekend recently. Not only was this our first time in Nashville, but we also had our first Airbnb experience.


I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing our little Airbnb was! If you’re going to be staying in Nashville, I would highly recommend this cozy little place.

When in Rome Nashville, a concert is a must! We went to the majestic Ryman and saw AJR and Ingrid Michaelson.


Before Ingrid came on, Morgan and I went out to the lobby and got to meet and talk with AJR – very cool, wickedly talented guys!


Ingrid blew my mind! I was just expecting her to go up there and sing her sweet songs, but my goodness, did she put on a show!

On another day, we walked around Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and explored the towns Brentwood and Franklin. The downtown area of Franklin is quaintly hip and we enjoyed just walking around and looking in the little shops.




I think the highlight of the trip was going on a guided fly-fishing trip! The 3 of us went on a drift boat with an incredible (and patient) guide. He started with Morgan first, who picked it up right away – that girl has serious natural talent in fly casting.



Then my mom and I got to give it a go. We all caught a few trout (browns and rainbows), but Morgan caught the most with 6!




That experience lit something within me and now I’m on a quest to learn more about fly fishing. Maybe I will even start a series on my blog about this new venture of  learning how to fly fish.

On the last day of our trip, we took a little road trip to Kentucky, taking the back roads so we could see what Kentucky was really about – the rolling hills, rustic old barns, miles of wooden fences, and beautiful sunsets.


While in Kentucky, we visited Mammoth Cave National Park and had a picnic lunch before our tour of the cave started.


The tour was a bit unorganized and chaotic. We only walked 3/4 of a mile (the longest tour offered at that time), but since there were over 100 people on our tour, all walking in single-file through the cave, it took us 2 hours. We were towards the back of the line, and by the time we got to a “gathering point” where the Ranger stops to talk about the cave, the Ranger was done talking, so we didn’t get to hear anything he said.

This epic trip was so very special – 3 generations of adventurers trying new things and experiencing together. I cherish these experiences and the inspiration I get from my mother and daughter.




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