Thoughtful Words

We Want All The Experiences

The other night I took my daughter to a concert on a school night. It was a surprise for her birthday and she had no idea about it until we were walking in to the venue – it was an acoustic concert with some of her favorite country music artists.


I picked her up from school and we drove 2 hours to get there and didn’t get back home until a little after 11pm – then we had to get up at 6am to get ready for work/school.

On the drive home, as she was sound asleep in the backseat probably dreaming of guitars and blue jeans, I was thinking about how important these experiences are, even if it means losing a little bit of sleep. Getting out of our weekly routine and getting exposure to spontaneity is something I want all of us to experience as often as feasible.

I want both of my kids to grow up knowing it’s ok to leave the Christmas tree up all year long, or leave dishes in the sink and mountains of laundry in the hamper in order to drop everything and seize an opportunity to experience. Along those same lines, I’m perfectly ok with my kids missing a few days of school here and there in order to let them have amazing experiences. Don’t get me wrong, education is highly important, but sometimes being absent from school in order to get some education outside of the classroom is importanter more important.


If I had not taken her to that spontaneous concert because it was too much with work and school and sleep and dishes and laundry and adulting, she wouldn’t have gotten to sing along loudly and sway her little hips to some of her favorite songs… she wouldn’t have felt pure excitement over not knowing where we were going… she wouldn’t have gotten a picture with her favorite artist, Chris Janson… and she wouldn’t have all those sweet memories from that night.


I am a huge advocate of the saying… “Kids won’t remember their best day of television.” And neither will you. Binging on Netflix (although occasionally necessary) should not be some of your fondest memories.


The other night, on my drive home from chasing an opportunity to experience, I made a vow to myself and my babies: I will seize every opportunity I have to fill up our memory banks with experiences that will last a lifetime. 


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