Adventuring: Becoming an Outdoors Woman

I recently went to an event put on by FWC called Becoming an Outdoors Woman. This was my second time attending BOW.

BOW is a program designed for women that teaches the participants outdoor skills (shooting, fishing, hunting, archery, and so much more). All of the instructors are highly informative, helpful, and encouraging. The camaraderie between all the of the women is astounding – no competitions, no cattiness – just support and encouragement and friendships. All meals are had together, and you have your choice of tent camping or staying in the dorms. Both times, I have tent camped just because I prefer sleeping in my tent.

The weekend consists of 4 classes that you pick from a list when you register. This time, I registered for: archery, camping/backpacking skills, wilderness survival skills, and small game hunting.

This was my second time getting to play around with a bow. I have to say that I’m pretty good at it, but most of all I thoroughly enjoy it! I felt so empowered standing there with a compound bow in my hands, pulling back and making the arrow hit the bulls-eye.


I thought I knew quite a bit about camping and backpacking, but I learned so much in my class. I learned more about backpacking stoves and am even considering purchasing one that the instructor showed us.

In my wilderness survival class, I built a fire with flint (no matches!) and also a shelter out of sticks, palm fronds, and shoelaces. Knowing I could do these things was a major confidence builder!




I now know how to clean a dove and prepare it for eating. This was incredibly empowering too! This class sparked something within me and I’m extremely interested in small game hunting now.



I walked away from my BOW weekend with new skills, new passions, and new memories. I am so grateful for this program and all the wonderful people who make it happen. I cannot wait for the next one in February!

Every state has this program and I highly encourage all women who are remotely interested in anything having to do with the outdoors, to look into it.




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