Thoughtful Words

An Open Letter to the Fat-Shamer in Publix

I was in my local grocery store yesterday and witnessed something upsetting to me. In the moment, I wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words, so I just stayed silent. After reflecting on it, this is what I want to say:


I saw you. I was standing right behind you in line as you not-so-discretely took a picture of two women who were minding their own business, just shopping for food to feed their family. I know the reason behind your snapping the picture… to fat shame. Why else would you sneakily take a picture of these two lovely women who just happened to be larger than you, and post it on snap chat? I couldn’t read your caption that you added with the picture you posted, and I’m glad I couldn’t. But, I sure as hell know it didn’t say “look at these intelligent women just minding their own business” or “these two ladies are kind and caring and strong”. Because you don’t know them. You just took a picture of their outer shell (which apparently you think looks wrong) to secretly humiliate them in order to make yourself feel better.

You are a pretty, young girl. You’re probably smart, charismatic, friendly, creative, caring, and so much more – all qualities that those women likely have that are not attributed to their appearance, nor yours. But, by snapping that picture, you may as well have turned around to me and said “I’m majorly lacking in self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence.” You, my dear, were only making yourself look bad – not those two women.

My wish to you is that you soon realize that humans are not their outer shell. And by putting people on blast solely for the way they appear on the outside, you are causing so much destruction not only to them, but to yourself as well. As you grow up and learn more about life, I hope that you understand we need to work together (especially women). We need to build each other up. Life is hard, really hard… so why be the culprit who makes it harder? You have no idea who those women really are or what they have been through – just like I don’t know that about you either. But, I do know that no amount of degrading others will fill that self-love void.

The next time you feel the need to make fun of someone, really dig down deep and reconsider. Look at them with kindness and love and that will reflect back on you. Promise.


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