Thoughtful Words

She’s Already Moving Mountains

Long time, no write. Instead of making excuses for not writing, I’m just going to say this: I’m writing right here, right now (write here, write now?)


My sweet girl is almost 10 – double digits. She is the one who turned me into a mommy. I had her at a young age, and in many ways she and I have grown up together. I have taught her things along the way, but more importantly, she has taught me so much more.


Motherhood has been the most challenging, rewarding, frustrating, exciting, and fulfilling journey I have ever been on. And it all started with that sweet girl of mine. She has taught me about love, patience, kindness, and what it means to truly be yourself with no limitations.


I am extremely fortunate to come from a line of strong, smart, beautiful women. But, this sassy girl is the most of all those qualities. She has a heart of gold – pure kindness and sweetness. She has this strong sureness of herself – not questioning who she is, although I’m sure that will come at some point in her life… but for now, I’m nurturing that certainty of hers in hopes that day of questioning never comes.

She loves to come to me with her difficulties. Lately, she comes to me just to talk, not for advice… Like when she told her friend that she shouldn’t listen to the other girls about whether to be her friend or not because deciding to be someone’s friend is your own decision. Or that she thinks it’s silly that one of the girls in her grade has to have the best of everything (and makes fun of others who don’t) because “stuff” isn’t an important part of life.



And then there’s our most recent conversation about people believing boys are tougher and stronger than girls. This came after a weekend spent with over a thousand cub scouts at a campout where they (including her) got to participate in all sorts of awesome activities:

Morgan: I really like being able to do everything with Parker’s cub scout pack, which is why I don’t think I would like girl scouts. They don’t get to do all that fun stuff the boys get to do because people think boys are tough and girls aren’t, so the girls are only allowed to do safe things while the boys get to do riskier things.

Me: You are absolutely correct, and we need to do something about those people’s beliefs because that way of thinking is undeniably false.

Morgan: I really challenged myself this weekend and it made me feel really good.

Me: It feels good to try new things and get out of your comfort zone! Taking risks is part of that. If we played it safe all the time, that would be boring and we would never learn anything.

Morgan: I don’t like that people think that girls can’t do what boys can do. I can do anything a boy can do.

Me: Oh, yes you can, baby – YES. YOU. CAN!!


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