Thoughtful Words

Warning: Comfort Zones Are Hazardous

Comfort zones should come with a warning label: Hazardous to health, success, and life. May cause anxiety, boredom, and a false sense of security. Use sparingly. Actually, they’re crap, so avoid at all costs.

Tedium is dangerous. Settling into your comfort zone and never getting out. Feeling safe. My goodness, that’s boring… and I lived that life for so long. Living the same routine over and over again, every single day. That cocoon of domestic comfort I lived in, that my kids lived in and were used to, sucked the life out of me, out of us. I secretly wanted to just run away and always knew something big was missing in my life, and was determined as hell to find out what that missing piece was.

In guiding my curious babies through life, I want to show them how good it feels and how rewarding it is to get out of toxic comfort zones, to forgo the common mind-numbing entertainment, and really pay attention… to explore, seek new experiences, dig deep, and take risks.

The only true way to get out of our comfort zone is by action. If you live the same routine over and over again, secretly wanting something more, but not doing a damn thing about it… you will continue to live that same, boring, monotonous life.


No one ever reached their full potential in their comfort zone. No one can truly LIVE while remaining stagnant. And by “live”, I mean taking risks, despite the great possibility of failure, being brave enough to chase after what you feel is missing, not limiting yourself to the procedure of living safely and predictably, and being courageous in pursuing what you deserve.

All of the aforementioned have boundless potential to be messy. Getting out of your comfort zone can be intimidating and daunting. The possible messiness and the inevitable bouts of fear are what keep some people from reaching and going for it. Imagine if Helen Keller played it “safe” in her disabilities – putting limits on herself because she was blind and deaf. But, she didn’t, and the world became a better place because of her risks and bravery.


I am on a non-expiring, limitless, unapologetic journey of evolvement. Aggressively pushing, reaching, and chasing anything and everything that will cultivate blossoming into more of a badass than I already am. The only way to remain on this path is by running far away from my non-flourishing comfort zone.

There are numerous people (past and present) in this world who have put their comfort zones aside in order to pursue life and world-changing feats. So, why not you? Who says you can’t be one of these people who goes for it? You have every single thing you need inside of you already to be successful in your journey… Trust and believe in yourself.


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