Adventuring: The Experience That Opened Many Doors

Last summer, in an attempt to be brave, get out of my comfort zone, and try something that intrigued me, I ventured off on an adventure alone. When I was first contemplating this, it scared me and also excited me! So, I went for it and booked a trip with a tour company.

Now, I wouldn’t be completely alone… I would be with other travelers, but I did not know anyone and therefore, would be jumping into this excursion with strangers.

I flew into Vegas the night before the tour. Without much sleep from being too excited, I woke up early to meet the rest of my tour-mates and our guide. We all hopped in the van, and off we went to Zion National Park.


In Zion, we were able to go our separate ways and explore on our own for a few hours, with instructions to all meet at a specific time. I decided to head for the Narrows. I took off my shoes and carefully stepped on the smooth rocks through icy-cold water. With numb feet, I trekked for a while until I had to turn around to start making my way back to meet my group.


We all got back in the van and drove to our next destination: Bryce Canyon National Park. Again, we got to venture off on our own for a couple of hours with an agreed upon meeting time. I hiked a trail that offered beautiful views of the hoodoos. The size of this Park appeared to be monstrous and everywhere I turned, I saw something new and awe-inducing.




That night we camped in a KOA close to Bryce Canyon, had a yummy BBQ dinner and a bonfire while we watched a meteor shower.

The next morning we packed up early and headed to Antelope Canyon. Our awesome tour guide gave us photography tips in order to capture the pure beauty of the curves and colors of the Canyon. The pictures still did not do this enchanted underground fortress justice.




The next stop was Monument Valley – the highlight of the trip for me. We all went on a fun and informative jeep tour of the Valley and then we sat under a little hut and had a traditional dinner prepared for us by the Navajos.



That night, our group decided to not even bother with the tents in exchange for a night of cowboy camping. Unrolling our sleeping bags on the red dirt, wiggling into them, and gazing up at the Milky Way as shooting stars darted across the sky was an unforgettable experience.


The morning brought the most magnificent sunrise I have ever witnessed. Lying cozily in my sleeping bag, I watched this golden pink fireball rise behind mesas and buttes.


After we all woke up from our sunrise oblivion, we packed up and drove towards the Grand Canyon. As we got closer to the Grand Canyon entrance, we got glimpses of this colossal beauty. Entering the Grand Canyon for the first time was mind-blowing. I could not even comprehend the enormous size of the Canyon – like my eyes were playing tricks on me. We got to spend a few hours in the Park, and I chose to hike some of the Bright Angel trail. I will be back one day to hike that entire trail!


The “strangers” I first started the tour with became friends. We all hugged each other goodbye and exchanged contact information as our tour came to an end. I am so thankful for the group of people I got to share that experience with, including the kickass tour guide we were fortunate to have – we truly had a great time together!

That experience is so very special to me because it was my first time really putting myself out there after separating from my husband and going after something I wanted, but scared me. That was a defining experience for me and it allowed me to be brave enough to open many other opportunistic doors for myself.

I chose to adventure with Bindlestiff Tours. I cannot recommend this company enough! They have many tours to choose from and are extremely accommodating. I know I will definitely tour with Bindlestiff again in the future.


One thought on “Adventuring: The Experience That Opened Many Doors

  1. Go for it! I think, things like that make you stronger and more self-confident. I just thru-hiked the Serra Tramuntana in Majorca solo. I had some really scary situations but it was fantastic and the density of new experiences was so great. I would definitely do something like that again!

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