Thoughtful Words

To do list: Be Kind

Kindness is a virtue that will never be wasted. It has no end and it has no limits. Being kind is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of being human and having compassion and being selfless and caring. None of which is weak in any form. We should be spreading kindness around like wildfire. Kindness reaps kindness.

I consider myself a kind person, but here is what I have found: Kindness is rather rare. I have discovered that kindness and friendliness are often mistaken as flirting or an invitation for unwanted behavior. It’s rare enough that the motive behind being kind is often questioned.

So, do we let these reasons harden us? Will people who mistake genuine kindness for flirtatious or self-interested behavior deter us from being kind?

My vote is no. Being kind is never a negative gesture, no matter how others may perceive it. We all win through kindness. It’s the confetti of the world – throw it around and spread colorful happiness.



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