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Post-Adventure Blues

I get the blues after every single trip – no matter how big or small.

Leaving my daily routine to adventure is one of my life’s passions. During the adventure, I just enjoy every single moment and pack in as much as possible. And then comes the time to head home. Head back to work, school, laundry, alarm clocks, dishes… routine. And I get a bit depressed. Going from one extreme (adventuring) to the other (mundane) is difficult and requires an adjustment period for me. I’m usually out of my funk in a few days, but during those few days, I feel sad and nostalgic and I have no motivation to do anything. It’s almost as if I mourn my adventure.


To help with the post-adventure blues, I think about the next adventure I have planned. And if I don’t have one planned (rare), I start planning one. Even if it’s just a weekend camping trip with my little family. That eases the gloominess.

I immediately get back into doing the things I love to do while I’m not off adventuring… Going to the gym, reading, writing, yoga, running, going to sunsets at the beach with my babies. Doing these things helps me appreciate the beauty that surrounds me at all times, even in my routine.


Reminiscing about past adventures is beneficial as well. Lots of wonderful memories are made while out exploring and experiencing, and digging into my memory bank brings feelings of pure happiness.


It took me over a week (maybe even 2 weeks) to get out of my funk after the epic trip out west I posted about here. That was my worst case of the post-adventure blues. It was hard for me to come back to reality after such a magical adventure. The bigger the trip, the longer the funk?

Those melancholy times are so worth the experiences I have had and I would never forgo a chance to adventure just to prevent some days of sorrow.


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