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How To Raise Your Kids

Any damn way you please.

The End.


Mommy-shaming is a very real thing. Mostly on social media where the shamers can hide behind their keyboards. But, it doesn’t make it any less hurtful to the shamees. Shamers are part of the reason why mommies feel inadequate. Putting a mom down (or anyone) says more about the person doing the shaming…

I am part of several Facebook mommy groups and follow some mommy bloggers. The comment sections are often filled with comments from mommies thinking they are better than the others:  “OMG, you fed your baby formula… how DARE you!” “Oh, you put your child in daycare so you can provide for your family?… You’re not a REAL mom.” “If you had your baby by c-section, you didn’t really give birth.”

Seriously. I see this all the time.

As mommas, women, and human beings, why aren’t we high-five’ing each other left and right?! Being a mother is Hard. Work. You locked yourself in the bathroom to get 5 minutes of peace? You go Momma! Your son is 3 and isn’t potty trained yet? So what… He’s not going to be in diapers when he’s in high school. He’ll get there. You breastfed your baby exclusively for a year? Awesome! I didn’t. And yet we both have healthy kids… Go us!

when I see another mom with a screaming toddler in public meme

I’ve been told, by someone close to me, that I shouldn’t take my kids camping and hiking because they might get hurt or bit or… or what? Have an amazing experience and make incredible memories? That’s totally cool that you’re not into the things that I am. But, don’t tell me what I should and should not do with my babies.

Being a mom doesn’t look one specific way – it’s full of different flavors and colors and messes and shapes and lots and lots of love. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Let’s learn from other mommas, empower each other, tell other mommies what an amazing job they are doing just by doing the best they can… whatever that may look like. Empowered mothers are able to better care for their sweet babies. Why wouldn’t any of us want that for other mothers? I guess that’s where some reasons for shaming comes in… sometimes people don’t like to see others doing well. But the more empowered you are, the less you give a shit about what other’s think.


Differences are what make the world go ’round. Imagine if we were all the same. How boring and colorless this world would be. Embrace and encourage differences… inside and outside of motherhood.


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