Thoughtful Words

Finding Your Beliefs


Really think about this…  What do you believe in? What are your core truths? You would think those questions would summon up a quick, confident response.

Where do our beliefs come from?… They first come from our parents. Then, as we get older, society contributes greatly to our beliefs. If we grow up with parents who believe homosexuality is bad, chances are that’s what we will believe in as well. If we grow up witnessing a marriage filled with abuse… Well, that’s what we may think marriage should look like. Our parents show us the way to live and we grow up thinking that way of living is our truth. When you are told or shown something over and over again, you believe it. And we live our lives according to those truths, which often means settling.

Parents aren’t the only ones who contribute to our beliefs. Society is largely guilty of pounding false-truths into our belief system. Society tells us that men are better than women. And that women should be small, weak, and quiet. And men should be big, macho and emotionless. If they aren’t, then they are acting like a “girl”… which is a major insult (eye roll). People truly believe this because that’s what is pushed upon us.  And then women don’t pursue their dreams because they believe they can’t or shouldn’t. Men suppress their emotions and end up with anger or drinking problems or are abusive to their partners.

Look at the magazines aimed towards women… What are they telling you to believe? That you need to look good to have worth, that you need to be a sex goddess in order to keep your guy around, that you need to keep your home in perfect condition and your kids under control at all times… and if we don’t do all of these things, we believe we aren’t good enough.

These truths that are being shoved down our throats from the moment we are born are often limiting, fabricated, and they suck… yet, they run our lives… if we let them.

It is truly difficult to dial in to your own beliefs because those “truths” we’ve been fed all our lives are our comfort zone.

We don’t have to let these shitty false-truths rule. We can acknowledge these learned truths and differentiate them from our own truths that we have deep inside us – our already built-in, unique truths that we each have. Let’s get out of our comfort zone, dig down deep and find those beliefs that make us… us.




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