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The Trails Are Calling

My soul needs trails, dirty boots, tall trees, fresh air, starry nights, pristine beauty that hasn’t been rearranged by mankind, foggy mornings and mind-blowing sunrises.


I denied myself these things for far too long in order to appease another. I don’t dwell on that though. I’m just grateful that I am in a place now where I know I will never deny myself anything I am passionate about.

I have been consistently car camping with my little family for over a year now. We usually stick to our Florida state parks and recreation areas, but having rowdy camping neighbors that are 10 feet away from you is not ideal.


I’m craving something more remote, more isolated, more untouched, and way less noisy. The best way to experience this is to leave your car, put all your gear in a backpack, and go find it yourself. So, that is my next venture…

I have gathered the gear, which is quite different than car camping gear, and I’m ready.


The plan is to do a 2-nighter with a friend, who has been backpacking before. Break in the new gear, learn, and make adjustments. Then, the weekend after that I’m going to take my daughter on the same trail just for an overnighter.


This little adventurer is all about it and cannot wait! When she got her first backpacking pack, you would’ve thought she got a new puppy! Unzipping all the zippers, walking around the house with it strapped to her back, asking all the questions, and coming up with a name for it: Neverland. She has deemed herself Peter Pan for the trails. My sweet little Peter Pan…


She got the Deuter Fox 40. It had awesome reviews and seems to grow with the kid. I figured, too, that when she grows out of that one, or needs a bigger pack at some point, it would fit her little brother perfectly. I know that pack will get lots of love!

I am so excited for this next step in our journey! Many amazing adventures ahead…


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