Thoughtful Words

Be Magnitudinous


In celebration of Women’s History Month, I want to talk about how wonderfully magnificent women are. No male bashing here. Nor lessons of historical women. Just sweet words about the importance and wonderment of women and their self-worth.

I am so fascinated with women. All women. Myself included. Our power, strength, vulnerability, resilience, love, energy, confidence, intelligence… I could keep going. It all astonishes me and makes me want to know every woman’s story.

I’ve seen in magazines and online articles that “real” women look like this or have that… As if the foundation of being a woman relies upon insignificant prerequisites. That infuriates me. All women are real women. No matter our jean size, bra size, level of education, or whether we have children or not. We should never undermine or judge any woman based on her accomplishments (or lack of), or her looks… those seemingly perfect Victoria’s Secret models included. How narrow-minded of anyone to base someone’s worth (man or woman) solely on their outer shell.

In a world that promotes superficiality everywhere we turn, it’s no wonder women think their worth is dependent on how they look. Our self-worth should not come from the attention we receive, or how great our asses look in a pair of jeans, or how “on fleek” our eyebrows are. Self-worth comes from deep within and has nothing to do with outside influences.  There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than a woman who knows her self-worth. Get to know the worst of you… and get to know the best of you. We are magnitudinous.

Do not strive to be perfect. Strive like hell to be you. Do not compete or compare. Be constantly evolving into the best version of you, and encourage others to do the same. Nix the negative self-talk and start believing that you are made of pure magic. Because we are. Don’t settle and never weaken or demean yourself for the sake of others. Those who need you to reduce yourself are the weakest people of all. Walk away. Fast.

No matter our story, no matter what our past entailed, it is never too late to dig down deep, to challenge and push yourself, and create the life you have always wanted and be the person you know you are. It is an everyday choice. Do it for you, for our daughters, for other women.


This tiny girl of mine has the whole world in the palm of her hands. She knows her self-worth, loves every part of herself and I admire that so much. As she gets older, I know she will question her self-worth and that saddens me… But, I will do everything in my power to ensure she always knows the magnitude of her greatness. Keep exploring yourself and the world, sweet girl…



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