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A Tiny Glimpse into Letting Go of Perfectionism

My Christmas tree is still up. And it’s way past the acceptable timeframe for it to still be standing and decorated. I was getting a new dishwasher delivered and my babies and I were going to be out of town on an adventure the weekend it was scheduled to be delivered. My awesome neighbor said he would let… Continue reading A Tiny Glimpse into Letting Go of Perfectionism

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The Trails Are Calling

My soul needs trails, dirty boots, tall trees, fresh air, starry nights, pristine beauty that hasn’t been rearranged by mankind, foggy mornings and mind-blowing sunrises. I denied myself these things for far too long in order to appease another. I don’t dwell on that though. I’m just grateful that I am in a place now where I… Continue reading The Trails Are Calling

Thoughtful Words

Be Magnitudinous

In celebration of Women’s History Month, I want to talk about how wonderfully magnificent women are. No male bashing here. Nor lessons of historical women. Just sweet words about the importance and wonderment of women and their self-worth. I am so fascinated with women. All women. Myself included. Our power, strength, vulnerability, resilience, love, energy, confidence, intelligence… I could… Continue reading Be Magnitudinous