Adventuring: Weekend in Fort Desoto

Camping in Fort Desoto is hard to come by, especially around this time of year. Last week I was checking around for any availability in any park really and I got so very lucky in finding a spot in this park. Someone must have cancelled and I snagged it.

Fort Desoto is in Saint Petersburg, FL and has a number of waterfront campsites where you can witness magnificent sunsets.

My mom, the kids, and I arrived around 10pm Friday night… She and I had to work all day, then get the kids from school, load up and drive almost 3 hours to get there, meaning we had to setup camp in the dark… No big deal and so worth it!

It was so cold (for us South Floridians) and we were so cozy all bundled up in our sleeping bags in the tent. My kids always sleep so well in a tent.

Saturday morning consisted of lots of blankets and coffee.




Then off we went to explore the Fort and the beach. On the beach we found an egg casing of a Lightning Whelk, a blowfish, sea sponges, a huge beetle, and tons of pretty shells. My little man couldn’t get enough of all these treasures. He was wanting to poke and prod everything we came across. I love seeing my babies’ curiosity play out.





That night, the kids and I got all bundled up and watched the sunset on the beach while my mom stayed at camp and grilled steaks for dinner.


Right after dinner, the babies wanted to just go lie down in the tent… My little explorers were exhausted!

My mom and I stayed up a while, bundled ourselves up in blankets, sat around the fire, talked, and listened to the interesting conversations of our rowdy camping neighbors. She and I have such a good time together, no matter what we’re doing.

The fire dwindled down and she went into her tent, where my daughter was sleeping, and I went into mine, where my son was sound asleep.

With the smell of campfire on my sweatshirt, I tucked myself into my sleeping bag and got lost in my book… Glancing over at my sleeping boy in his mummy bag every once in a while, imagining he was dreaming of being a pirate and discovering sea sponges, beetles, and egg casings.

Sunday morning came way too soon. We had to get up on the early side and pack up right away because the kids and I had a birthday party to attend that afternoon. We drove home, I unloaded all my camping gear, changed clothes and immediately left to go celebrate a sweet little guy’s first birthday! It was a lot of rushing around, but having an adventurous weekend with my favorites is always worth whatever chaos may ensue.



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