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Bravely Wild


If I had to sum myself up in two words, this title would be it: Bravely Wild. I wasn’t always brave and wild. A few years ago my two words would’ve been: Lost Soul. I had no idea who I was. I was a repressed wife and a mother. That was my identity. I knew deep down that I was so much more than just those two roles. Yes, I was a wife and a mother, but I knew it didn’t stop there.

I have let go of the could’ves and the should’ves… I have let go of the fear of the unknown and the things I have zero control over. I have let go of impressing people and being apologetic for who I am. This process is still an everyday journey of being mindful and aware and in tune to myself, but my goodness, it is so worth it.

I have learned so much in these last two years… Like that women are some of the most powerful creatures on this planet. And that love rules over everything. And experiences are more important than “stuff”. And being brave enough to be yourself is the best feeling. And to never stop adventuring, learning, experiencing, evolving, dreaming, loving, and being brave.

The title of this blog means being brave enough to be your wild, raw, unapologetic self. Whatever that means to you. Be that and nothing less.

Today, I am not a wife anymore, but I am a mother, a warrior, a badass, an experiencer, an adventurer, a lover of life, and more than ever, I am bravely wild.



One thought on “Bravely Wild

  1. Thanking you for sharing. I especially liked “. . . Being brave enough to be yourself ”
    Happy you could realize this so young. You are an inspiration.


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